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At the Law Office of Jose E. Lopez, we know how overwhelming debt can sneak up on a person. Before they know it, credit card bills are past due and debt collectors are calling. Whether you have already received collection actions or want to take action beforehand, we're here to help. When used correctly, bankruptcy can help individuals and families seek a new financial start. Our Orlando bankruptcy lawyer is highly knowledgeable about all areas of bankruptcy law and can help guide clients through the process.

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Orange County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as liquidation bankruptcy, where a person gives up non-exempt assets to be liquidated and used to pay off debt. Once as many of your assets as possible are used to pay back debts, the rest is discharged. You will need to pass a means test to prove that your income is not sufficient for repayment in order to qualify.

Filing for Chapter 7 allows you to:

  • Put a stop to collection calls
  • End collection actions
  • Discharge unsecured credit cards/loans
  • Eliminate certain tax debt
  • Eliminate medical bills
  • Release wages and bank accounts

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Orlando

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Another method of bankruptcy is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type is also known as restructuring, where the consumer works to draft and negotiate a repayment plan with all of the creditors to whom they owe money. Our goal is to help our clients negotiate a plan to reduce the amount they owe and will have to pay back. Over the following three to five years, the payment structure will help those debts to be repaid.

At the Law Office of Jose E. Lopez, we are here to help guide and protect our clients. Our Orlando bankruptcy lawyer understands the need to get out of debt you simply cannot repay. Bankruptcy may offer a solution to the financial situation you are in, and we can help you explore it. Call us now to learn more.

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